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Islam and the Bible: Why Two Faiths Collide


There are three to four million Muslims living in North America, and that number continues to grow. Practically speaking, it is imperative that Christians know what Muslims believe, so as...
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101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas


For anyone who longs to experience the true spirit of Christmas, Brenda Verner, the Christian Christmas Lady, provides 101 ways to focus on Jesus this Christmas season. Her practical, creative...
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Tortured for Christ


"Tortured for Christ" - After years of imprisonment and solitary confinement, enduring inhumane torture, Richard Wurmbrand emerges with a powerful testimony of courageous faith. Even today, believers are suffering and...

The Laws of Prosperity


There are instructions set forth in the Word of God to teach men how to live a prosperous life. True prosperity is the ability to apply the power of God...

The Double Portion Anointing


Written by best selling author Rod Parsley, this book will reveal to you the double portion that is waiting for you. This is your hour of power, this is your...

Soaring on High: Spiritual Insights from the Life of an Eagle


Communicating the Message Through an Eagle's Eyes. The majestic eagle has captivated the hearts and imaginations of many. This bird is also used in scripture to illustrate numerous attributes of...

Perilous Pursuits: Overcoming Our Obsession with Significance


Ever since birth we've been told, "we're nobody unless we're number one." But now that we've so dutifully mastered the ability to defend our self-worth, this book shows why we...
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Thinking About God: First Steps in Philosophy


Can we really think about God? Can we prove God?s existence? What about faith? Are there good reasons to believe in the Christian God? What about evil? Can we really...
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Freedom to Forget: Releasing the Pain from the Past, Embracing Hope for the Future


How can we move forward when tormenting memories of past hurts constantly consume us?Through humor and true stories, Dan Willis shows the way to complete forgiveness and healing. You can…  Learn...
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Made for His Pleasure: Ten Benchmarks of a Vital Faith


Are you living for God's pleasure or for your own? Pleasing God is not a matter of personal choice, but an imperative that must be taken seriously. In a world...
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Love Letters to God: Deeper Intimacy through Written Prayer


Women yearn to share their experiences with the Lover of their souls in a way that is honest and simple, yet deeply satisfying. The key to this intimate self-expression is...
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